Ruham & Ahmad

Ruham & Ahmad


Ruham & Ahmad

Ruham is from Syria but moved to Jordan 8 years ago.

Ruham has been to Al Ramtha hospital a couple of times already. “We are here now for my grandmother because she is sick. She has an inflammation in her chest,” she says. “The hospital is being expanded and they now have more beds. Patient cases are increasing and there are many new services.” Ruham wishes for the hospital to continue to develop so that healthcare is available to even more people in need.

Al Ramtha hospital has been needing expansion for a long time and thankfully [this is happening now]. It will need to take as many patients as possible since it’s the only hospital in the region. - Ahmad

Ahmad is a patient at Al Ramtha hospital. “I came to this hospital because it’s the only one in Al Ramtha,” he says. The Jordanian patient believes that the expansion of the hospital was absolutely necessary due to the increasing number of people in need of healthcare in the district. “When you go to the emergency room, there are barely any beds, and in the surgery ward there is no separation between men and women… All this is lacking and the hospital is small but it serves the whole governorate.”

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