Riham & Zeinab

Riham & Zeinab


Riham & Zeinab

Riham is Jordanian and she lives in Jerash. Zeinab is from Deraa, Syria, and she moved to Jerash with her family 9 years ago.

The 2 women had to overcome a lot of difficulties in their lives. As many Syrians, Zeinab fled her country when the war broke out and she sought refuge in Jordan. Unfortunately, she lost a son in the war and her family is now scattered. Riham is a Jordanian woman who has to provide for a big family, including a child with a disability.

Their passion for cooking brought them together first as friends and later as business partners. “We are friends first and then partners, we have been friends for 9 years and partners for 3”, says Riham. These women forged a really strong bond of sisterhood and can always count on one another. Through mutual respect for each other’s talent and hard work, they were able to form a solid partnership where each of them brings a unique set of skills to the table.

Partnership means love, it means we have to be loyal in our work and to be committed to our partner, with love.

They are strong, resilient women who provide for their families despite the numerous challenges they have had to face. It was hard for them to get their families on board with their work and to get their business off the ground, but thanks to a grant they were able to expand their kitchen and now have a proper space to develop their business.

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