Mamand, 44, was part of the military forces in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq who defeated Daesh in 2017. In early 2015, he was severely wounded during a fight and is now disabled.

“After that I would stay at home, bored, which caused me psychological problems. I was ruminating a lot. The days were endless, as I had nothing to do,” he explains. Thanks to a grant, Mamand opened a grocery shop selling different products. This radically changed his life. “They gave me the shop ready with the goods and supplies,” says Mamand. 


After I started working at the shop, I interacted with people again. I have a normal life now. My children are happy when I come home. My life has changed, it has improved with this shop.

Things turned out well for Mamand. He is now able to provide for his family and afford his medical bills. “Now, I can buy things for my family,” he says. His shop has helped him lead a normal life once again and is of service for the community he lives in. “I open my shop daily and my neighbours help me open the door and arrange the goods,” he explains. “Now, I sleep better at night because of my work in the shop.”

However, Mamand knows that many like him would benefit from the same help he received: “I, myself, have had support. But there are dozens and thousands of cases like mine. These people also deserve assistance,” he explains emphatically.

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