Aziza, 24, lives in Kerak, Jordan. She has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

After graduating two and a half years ago with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Aziza was unable to find a job in her field of studies. “There are no job opportunities in the region we live in… you can’t find any work in this field and it’s not only me,” she explains. “I know a lot of people who graduated in chemistry and couldn’t find anything.”

However, she did not lose hope: after seeing an ad on social media promoting a maintenance training, she decided to apply: she was selected during the second round of interviews. The training was really useful Aziza says: “We benefited a lot from it, financially and culturally. [...] It changed me as I became more self-reliant. I [now know that I] have the means to provide for my family the way they did for me, to work hard for them.”

I proved to myself that I was able to work, to provide for my family and spend my own money. [...] I can rely on myself. After graduating and them spending [money for my education] all these years, it was hard for me to go ask them something if I needed it.

By attending the training and being able to have a job and an income for some time, Aziza understood she could really commit to a job and a schedule. “I would really love to work in my field, with my diploma,” she says. “I worked hard for four years to get my degree and so I would like to work in that… I really want to have my own career in my field of studies and to be in a permanent position.”

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