Amsha is Lebanese and lives in a small village located in Nassrieh, east of Beirut, with her family.

Her husband is seriously ill and her son is disabled. Before their home had direct access to water, their storage tanks had to be manually refilled every five days. In a country that suffers from high water scarcity, the price to pay, especially in winter, was steep, both financially and psychologically.

We used to put the hose on the ceiling, where the water tank is. But in winter, when there’s snow and ice, we used to suffer a lot.

Water pipes have been installed directly into the homes of thousands of families living in the region. After struggling for decades, unable to be connected to public water infrastructures, Amsha’s household can finally rely on running, drinkable water. The water is now cheaper and payments can be split. “We will be happier and able to see some seeds and greenery grow at our doorstep,” says Amsha enthusiastically.

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