Abdallah is a 35-year-old computer engineering student from Jordan.

He found himself confined to a wheelchair as a result of an accident when he was 15. He had the choice to either give up and let his disability define him, or fight to get his life back. Abandoning hope was not an option for him. He was determined to succeed and inspire others.

If you want to succeed, you need to dedicate enough time to it and the proof is that even with my complicated situation, I was able to succeed because I gave it my all.

It took a tremendous amount of courage and a lot of determination to get where he is today. He channelled all of his energy into his studies: “studying wasn’t an escape but a priority to survive this life... at the end of the day, you need to fight back. I found that studying will be what changes my life instead of living constantly with negative thoughts.” Thanks to his hard work, he received a scholarship that allowed him to pursue a master's degree and will hopefully open up doors for further opportunities. “Someone who gets to this point and is capable of doing excellent things, will not stop. For my future, I hope to be able to pursue a PhD and, when I get to a certain level of knowledge, to transmit it to my surroundings, to new students, and show them that even if there are challenges, you can succeed if you really want to.”

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